We have worked alongside some truly amazing people over the years. Their courage and bravery in the face of crippling disease inspires us to continue bringing this invaluable information to communities all over Australia.


Health Issue: Severe Arthritis and Mother with Cancer

Hi Everyone. I started my Safe Soda journey about 12 months ago. I have extreme arthritis in my feet, knees, shoulders, fingers etc. I am blessed to have found Dean & Safe Soda. I no longer take any medication for my condition. I was previously taking about $200 worth of medication a month. I am back full time at my gym, gardening again, and have a new appreciation for life. My mum has secondary breast cancer in her spine, and after using Safe Soda, she has the cancer at a standstill. Doctors are amazed. Love Safe Soda & Dean!

Deree Long
Toowoomba, Queensland Australia


Health Issue: Brain Tumour

My story began in 2003 when I was diagnosed with a Meningioma en Plaque. It was explained to me as a benign brain tumour. Because my tumour was wrapped around my Optic Nerve, the Doctor said he could remove the tumour but I’d lose the vision in my right eye. After some discussion he said he could operate in such a way as to preserve my vision. I had surgery which was successful but the tumour subsequently entered the frontal lobe of my brain which required additional surgery. After a six month check up it was found to have entered my temporal lobe and the top of my jaw which require more surgery. After a year it spread into my pituitary gland. The doctor said he could treat this, but only with radio therapy which I agreed to. After six months of radio therapy the Doctor advised me that they had done all they could do without removing the tumour in its entirety but I would lose my vision. One of my colleagues took me to a Safe Soda presentation and I thought I’d give it a go.

Helen Courtney
Toowoomba, Queensland Australia


Health Issue: Bladder Cancer

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in October of 2014. I underwent 8 months of BCG therapy which sadly didn’t work. The doctor said they would need to take the bladder out which I didn’t want to do. Along the track I got to learn about the Safe Soda presentation. I met Dean six weeks prior to the scheduled date of the bladder removal operation. I thought I may as well try Safe Soda and see if it works. I started using Safe Soda Body six weeks before the operation was to proceed. I was speaking to my Doctor 4 days before the scheduled operation which was 11th December 2015, and he told me all my tests were clear and they couldn’t find the Cancer. Both my GP and my Oncologist said an MRI would show if there was cancer there. When I did my MRI, no cancer showed up.


Toowoomba, Queensland Australia


Health Issue: Heart

In 2012 I was rushed to hospital as a virus had infected my heart. My heart was going out of rhythm and racing. I was checked out and had an ICD unit put into my chest. It was pretty full-on and I was actually in what they call “the Dying Room” in the hospital. The doctors told me the chances of my heart getting up to 50% better was virtually nil. Since being on the bicarb I went recently for another test and after the test the doctors either side of me patted me on the back and said they didn’t know what I’d done, but my heart is back to where it should be. I was going every six months for a check-up, but now it’s been revise to every two years, and that’s virtually unheard of for something like what I had. This has been a great thing for me as it proves how powerful this stuff is.

Warren Morris
Caboolture, Queensland Australia


Health Issue: Severe Arthritis and Hashimoto’s Disease

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis some thirty years ago. It causes extreme anxiety and an impending sense of doom. Your hair falls out and you put on a lot of weight. The downside of taking medication is that it can cause Tachycardia or racing heart. I also suffer from chronic arthritis all over my body. It’s extremely painful and debilitating. After a couple of Months on the Soda, after testing, the Doctor told me I could keep going without taking my Thyroid medication. I now have hardly any pain from the Arthritis. I’m calmer, I guess from not being miserable from being in pain all the time and my energy is through the roof – as if I’ve “woken up”. I still have Arthritis but I don’t have the pain. This is an awesome, amazing result for me and I’m over the moon.

Brisbane, Queensland Australia


Health Issue: Chronic Gastric Reflux

About fifteen years ago I started getting indigestion and reflux which a lot of men have. It got worse and worse. The symptoms of eating certain types of food would be, basically, I would feel the acid burning in my chest. It would come right up into my throat and start to burn. It felt like I had poured boiling hot water into my throat. Occasionally I would throw up into my mouth at night, and I had to sit up for three hours to sleep. If I lay down it would get worse. Our family had to eat dinner at 4 or 5pm. If I ate later I would need to sit up for three hours before laying down to go to bed. I was eating lots of antacid tablets at night and throughout the day. I found out about Safe Soda and was very sceptical at first. My wife and I went to the first presentation and looked at each other and said, this makes so much sense. I had my first piece of Pizza after a week of being on the protocol and I had no reflux nor indigestion. It was just gone, and I’ve been eating what you would consider normally ever since then. Everything I used to enjoy eating fifteen years ago, I can now eat and I’m fine. Since discovering Safe Soda, I’ve cured the problem. I look forward to eating whenever and whatever I like! It’s been a change in our life and a change in my family’s life.

Gold Coast, Queensland Australia


Health Issue: Arthritis

My family background is quite musical and we had grown up with guitars in our hands since about four. All of us sing and play the guitar. That’s how I chill out, but I had to stop because I had arthritis in my fingers, especially my little finger and my thumb. It’s quite painful. I would try to hold the neck of my guitar and my hand would get numb really quickly. After taking Safe Soda for six weeks I can now play for an hour and I’m hoping it will get better. You can’t put a price on his – this is your health!

Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

I’m a 29 year old female. I started taking Safe Soda on the 13th January. The reason why I started safe soda is, one; I found the presentation extremely moving and, two; I was in early stage of cervical cancer (CIN2) and had the HPV virus which causes cervical cancer. Just after one month of taking Safe Soda 4 times a day it was time for my follow up with my Gynaecologist. I was extremely happy to find out, not only was my PAP smear clear of any cancer cells, I was also negative to the HPV virus.

Just after only six weeks, I found many other benefits. As a Chef it can get quite hot in the kitchen, with long days and hard work on the body. My arms used to ache and my hands were arthritic. I used to wear a copper bracelet which would take up to three days to ease the constant pain or take pain killers for relief. I no longer have any pain in my arms and hands and no longer wear a copper bracelet or take pain killers.

My face is a lot clearer and without any blackheads. Also my eyes are brighter. After working nearly a 16 hour day or a 70 hour week, I am not as exhausted and feel quite good and energetic. Prior to the safe soda, I was a tired emotional mess that would sleep on my days off. By cutting back on sugar, I have also lost 6kgs. Now I’m on the journey to start a family. I highly recommend Safe Soda and can’t wait to see more benefits.

Toowoomba, Queensland Australia

Hi Dean, Thank you so much for your email and looking into my health and case. I’m sure you get many requests for help so I am really happy you can look into what might be happening in my body. I know you would be a very busy person and that you will let me know when you can. I thought your presentation was excellent. You really presented the facts to people and it is easy to follow. I think those who attend would be convinced that sugar and the effects are really damaging to the body. I know that its something that I believed in all the time but actually hearing it and seeing it from someone really makes you “sit up” and think it is time to do something about it. The illustrations you showed particularly with the buckets of sugar, opened my eyes to the amount of sugar we are consuming personally and as a nation. Since hearing your presentation I have been really aware of the food I am consuming and the sugar content. I spoke with my husband about your presentation and has said when he finds the time he would like to attend also. Thank you so much for the work you are doing! It is amazing.

Brisbane, Queensland Australia

A true story. Over the past three to four years my husband has been suffering from a range of debilitating conditions, including; chronic kidney failure, depression, anxiety disorders, gout, type 2 diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, obesity, sleep apnoea, parathyroidectomy, severe mixed hearing, and loss of hearing one one side. It’s been far from a “cruisy” life style and hasn’t been easy at all especially as we both consider all the medications he’s been taking. Each one of them intended to decrease pain or increase brain function or even help his mind feel a little better.

When looking at the side effects it’s no wonder he’s ended up the way he has. I’ve personally felt aggrieved, “how on earth could this happen”. Unreal. Doctors’ visits and hospital stays were ongoing. When there were special occasions, he was only out of hospital for the day, if not weekends. No one would ever know that he been in hospital because he was able to go to weddings and 60th birthdays, all the while being good at hiding his ongoing chronic illness. Whanau and friends, our children and grandchildren would visit but he couldn’t remember who they were.

There was a time I wasn’t coping. Well, there’s been lots of times I was going through my own issues, so we were both not helping each other. I never let him know what I was going through, not while he had his own issues. I was trying to fix my own problems through professional help. I thought, “I want to physically hurt him” because I was already verbally abusing him. He hated the way how he was and I hated the way he was too, but I knew inside he wasn’t himself. We continued with our silent outrages. Some of our sayings to one another was, “I don’t want to be here anymore”, often replied by, “Oh good what are you waiting for”.

I’ve watched him deteriorate from bad to worse and only able to bring himself back slightly. For a long time, he wasn’t alright and only medications made him ok. Over the last few months he’s been tired and restless suffering headaches, falling off to sleep where he sits. I used to get annoyed because I would say to myself, “Oh here we go again”, I’m tired, “I need this and that”.
In September, two wonderful friends of ours shared about Safe Soda. First, they confirmed from Des that bicarb is what’s used for dialysing kidneys. We had known that for years, and that it helps purify the blood, which is great but it can do much more than just that. So, we listened and realised if it purifies the blood for kidneys, then it might help everywhere else in the body. That’s how Des put it.

Our friends invited us to a free Safe Soda presentation. We started on the product and stuck closely to the protocol. We went to the next presentation and the Safe Soda team were impressed how good Des looked. He has colour back in his face and not looking so dark and black round his eyes. He has energy that he hasn’t had for years. He couldn’t walk far without the support of a mobility scooter. He hasn’t used it for 2 weeks now. He can focus and hold conversations without me filling in his sentences. His driving has improved. Now he walks faster than me! He doesn’t complain to our children or grandchildren. We’ve told everyone at the Dialysis Unit about Safe Soda, as they can see the difference in him. His blood pressure readings have improved, He’s lost weight and he’s telling them he doesn’t need to be on dialysis for 5 hours at a time!

We have come to learn that you can take care of your own health yourself, but that doesn’t mean you are going to stop your meds. Your body will know. As Des continues to take Safe Soda, I hope this will encourage you to consider your own health. We all have health issues. It’s how to look after yourself and what you eat. We love sugar, but sugar doesn’t like Safe Soda. Our sugar cravings have subsided as we’ve used Safe Soda.

Well that’s us peeps. Beautiful ending. We love and appreciate one another a lot more and can laugh and not take things the wrong way. Love you so much!

Name Withheld on Request
Queensland Australia

I’m a 85 year old lady, I was introduced to Safe Soda in JAN 2016 for arthritis in my shoulders, fingers etc. Also ulcers on my legs, which I have had great results.

JUNE 2016, I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, which I was told I would have to have surgery for a colostomy bag which I refused. I continued taking Safe Soda 4 times a day. In APRIL 2017, I had more test done, and my results cleared me of any cancer.

I highly recommend Safe Soda , and very happy to pass on my good news to anyone who would be interested in my success story.

I. Bonnette
Toowoomba, Queensland Australia

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